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85 Chicago Bears Defense

The 85 Chicago Bears Defense: Why It’s The Best Defense You Should Learn.

The Bears’ defense has been a topic of discussion all season long. There has been a lot of criticism in the media about the defense, but in reality, the Bears’ defense is stronger than what people think! The Chicago Bears rank in the top 10 for most takeaways this season with 16 total takeaways. The […]

1985 Chicago Bears

1985 Chicago Bears: The Year the Monsters Were Born.

The 1985 Chicago Bears were an unstoppable team. The Monsters of the Midway, as they became known, went 15-1 to capture their second NFL Championship in four seasons. They did it with a defense that was the best ever seen. It featured Pro Bowlers Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, Mike Singletary, Steve McMichael and Otis Wilson […]

Chicago Bears Defense

Why the Chicago Bears Defense Will Be the Best in the League This Season.

The Chicago Bears defense has been one of the best in the league for a long time. However, this year, they’re going to be even better than ever before. They’re bringing in defensive stars like Kyle Fuller and Danny Trevathan, who will improve an already strong defensive line. And if you don’t believe me, just […]

The Best Thing You Can Wear on Game Day: A Great Chicago Bears Hoodie.

The Best Thing You Can Wear on Game Day: A Great Chicago Bears Hoodie.

The Chicago Bears are one of the most iconic teams in the NFL. They’ve had some great players and historic moments that all fans remember. You’ll find no shortage of Chicago Bears fans on game day. A Chicago Bears hoodie is a necessary part of any fan’s wardrobe, and is something you must have if […]

What Are Chicago Bears Fans Called?

What Are Chicago Bears Fans Called?

To be a fan of the Chicago Bears is to experience the highs and lows of life. The Bears have been around for decades, and their fans are no different. They’ve won and lost seasons, but what’s kept them going? A lot of it has to do with their tenacity and loyalty. Bears fans are […]

Chicago Bears Fan

Make Your Own Chicago Bears Fan T-shirt.

The Chicago Bears are one of the most popular NFL teams in the United States. If you’re a fan of the football team, you’re not alone! Thousands of people place their trust in those giant silver and black helmets every Sunday to get there for the game. This year, the team will make a return […]

Does the Chicago Bears Have Cheerleaders

Does the Chicago Bears Have Cheerleaders? And Other Questions You Should Know.

I’ve always wondered why the Chicago Bears cheerleaders didn’t want to be known as “the cheerleaders of the Chicago Bears.” I mean, wouldn’t that make them sound arrogant? And it might also answer a question that most people have: Why do professional sports teams field cheerleading squads instead of their actual women athletes? Most people […]

When is the Chicago Bears First Game

When is the Chicago Bears First Game

The Chicago Bears are the first NFL team to have played a regular season game in the city. This is especially true since they moved to Soldier Field in 1987, but this is not their first time playing a home game in Chicago. They actually did play their first game there on September 23, 1932. […]

How to Watch Chicago Bears Online

How to Watch Chicago Bears Online: The Definitive Guide.

The Chicago Bears are one of the most popular teams in all of sports. You know a lot about them, right? Well, if you know anything at all about Chicago, you’ve probably heard that they play in the NFL. And they do play in the NFL! The Bears have won two Super Bowls and are […]

Who founded the Chicago Bears

Who founded the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears History: Who founded the chicago bears? The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team based in Chicago, Illinois. They play in the National Football League (NFL). The Bears have won five NFL Championships, six conference championships, seven division titles and fifteen Conference titles. From 1922 to 1943 the team was called the […]

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