Chicago Bears Air Jordans 4

Chicago Bears Air Jordans 4 is one of the most popular shoes ever made. It’s been retroed, customized, and reissued many times. But if you want a truly unique pair of Jordan 4s, you should check out custom versions. These kicks have been crafted by some of the best sneaker designers in the world, so there are bound to be some pretty cool options out there if you look hard enough!

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Air Jordan 4 Custom Versions

Custom Jordan 4s are made by a small batch of companies and are not produced by Nike, Jordan Brand or Air Jordan. The custom model is often referred to as the “Air” version of the shoe because it has the same look and feel as other Air Jordans but with different materials and colors.

Air Jordan 4 Custom Black/Cement Grey

The Air Jordan 4 Custom Black/Cement Grey is a classic combination that’s been done before. It’s the Chicago Blackhawks’ colors, which means you can’t go wrong with this pair of shoes. If you’re a fan of their team or just want to wear something unique, this will be perfect for you!

The Air Jordan 4 Custom Black/Cement Grey has an amazing design with its team logo on each heel and toe box (in black), along with some extra details like stitching and laces made from suede leather. The upper material is made from nubuck leather, which gives it more flexibility than most other shoes out there today; this makes it easier for people who suffer from arthritis or other joint pains due to everyday activities such as walking around town all day long without any problems whatsoever because every step felt comfortable without feeling heavy at all times during those walks so long as proper care was taken beforehand.”

Air Jordan 4 Custom White/Cement Grey

If you’re looking for a pair of custom Air Jordan 4s, the options are endless. You can get them in any combination of white, grey and black or cement, black and cement—or even all three!

Regardless of which colorway you choose, there’s no doubt that these shoes will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe. With their sleek design and high quality construction, they’ll last forever—and when they do finally wear down (which could take years), we’ll be happy to replace them with something equally as stylish.

Air Jordan 4 Custom Charcoal/Black

The Air Jordan 4 is one of the most iconic sneakers ever created. With its clean lines and clean colorway, it’s easy to see why this shoe has such a strong following. The custom fit of this style makes it perfect for any player looking to add some flair to their game day gear!


The Air Jordan 14 is one of the best  shoes ever made. It has been a staple of the league for over two decades and will continue to be popular for years to come. If you want a pair but don’t want to pay full price then consider getting them custom designed with your favorite colors or patterns. This can help save money while still having something unique in your closet!