Chicago Bears Blanket

Chicago is home to some of the coldest winters in the country. It doesn’t take long for us to get used to it, but when we step out of our houses, we oftentimes leave much to be desired. However, with the Chicago Bears blanket you’ll be able to live like a pro even when you’re outside.

You’ll never be cold again with this amazing Chicago Bears blanket!

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The Chicago Bears Blanket

has a unique design that makes it perfect for any Chicago Bears fan.

The Chicago Bears blanket is made of 100% cotton, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of our city in your own home. This white blanket will keep you warm throughout the winter season. It’s also machine washable, allowing you to air dry or hand wash it before placing it back into storage so it doesn’t get dirty.

This blanket is great for all types of fans including Chicago Bears fans, Cowboys fans, Steelers fans, Falcons fans and more!

Why should I buy a Chicago Bears blanket?

This blanket was specifically designed for Chicago Bears fans. It’s made from 100% polyester, has a fleece interior, and is machine washable. The durable material won’t lose its shape when washed and can also be used as a throw blanket.

If you’re a Bears fan, you know the importance of having your team represented in your home. You’ve got to admire their amazing accomplishments on the field and in the stands. Now you can do that with this amazing Chicago Bears blanket!

Features of the Chicago Bears Blanket

Made of 100% cotton

Machine washable, tumble dry

Perfect for cold winter days

Try on before you buy! See how it looks with a size guide below

Size Guide:

* Medium – fits up to a 46-inch chest

** Large – fits up to a 52-inch chest

What else can I do with a Chicago Bears blanket?

You could use the Chicago Bears blanket for a few different things:

It’s an amazing decoration and it’s easy to take care of. It’s safe and you’ll feel secure with it.

But there are so many other ways you can use this product. You can wrap it around your waist as a scarf, tie it to your backpack as a bag, or use it as a hand-warming blanket to keep you warm on those cold days.

The possibilities are endless!


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